“Top of the Stevenage Mixed League Table” !!

roy sweeping 2

Willian Bowls Club have started their outdoor season well and are top of the Stevenage Mixed League table.

Playing in two Stevenage Mixed League games both at home, firstly against Knebworth Bowls Club.

Despite a multitude of Worm-Casts (professionally swept away) and rain, with very heavy conditions out on the Green, Willian won overall 39 – 24, with Skips Dave Maryan, Mick Thrush and John Skingsley, successful on three rinks out of four.

The following day with no rain, but instead a biting Easterly wind, Willian played against a very good Team from Holwell Bowls Club, just losing overall at 48 – 50.

This was despite again winning on three rinks out of four, with the Top rink team of Club President Roy Murden, Barbara Middleton and Roger Gibbons, scoring 17 – 10.

Fixtures 2018

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Competition Draws 2018

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Last Year's Winners

TRIPLES Winners: J Skingsley, K Savill, B Middleton
Runners-up: J Atkinson, D Mann, P Hemming
PAIRS Winners: J Atkinson & J Avis
Runners-up: J Skingsley & P Hemming
MEN’S SINGLES Winner: J Skingsley
Runner-up: S Salmon
LADIES’ SINGLES Winner: B Middleton
Runner-up: M Kitchener
NOVICES Winner: A Byram
Runner-up: I Humphry
SETS Winner: R Murden
Runner-up: M Thrush
2-WOOD Winner: J Skingsley
Runner-up: A Byram

For last year's winners and other years please see Previous Winners