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Round 1 Quarter-Final Semi-Final Final
By Wednesday 13th JulyBy Wenesday 10th August(By Friday 9th Sept)Sun 18th Sept
Irene Humphrey
Irene Humphrey
Roy Murden
Sam Salmonxxx
Maureen Kitchener
Mick Thrush
John Skingsley
Jean Avisxxx
John Skingsleyxx
Alan Byram
Pamela Westrope
Alan Byram
John Atkinson
Dick Kitchener
John Atkinsonxxx
Dee Davidson
Tom Westrope
Dee Davidson
Dee Davidson
Barbara Middleton
Maurice Lusty
Barbara Middleton

Fixtures 2018

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Competition Draws 2018

Our competition draws for this year, updated throughout the season

Last Year's Winners

TRIPLES Winners: J Skingsley, K Savill, B Middleton
Runners-up: J Atkinson, D Mann, P Hemming
PAIRS Winners: J Atkinson & J Avis
Runners-up: J Skingsley & P Hemming
MEN’S SINGLES Winner: J Skingsley
Runner-up: S Salmon
LADIES’ SINGLES Winner: B Middleton
Runner-up: M Kitchener
NOVICES Winner: A Byram
Runner-up: I Humphry
SETS Winner: R Murden
Runner-up: M Thrush
2-WOOD Winner: J Skingsley
Runner-up: A Byram

For last year's winners and other years please see Previous Winners