One win, one draw, one loss

Willian played the first of two friendly Triples matches this week, at home against Fairfield, coming away with a win 66 – 44.
The second friendly was against Great Barford, away this time, but Willian lost 67 – 55.
Finally, in the Hitchin Triples League, Willian had a draw at 17 – 17, against Hitchin B.
2016-05-24 15.44.35

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Last Year's Winners

TRIPLES Winners: J Skingsley, K Savill, B Middleton
Runners-up: J Atkinson, D Mann, P Hemming
PAIRS Winners: J Atkinson & J Avis
Runners-up: J Skingsley & P Hemming
MEN’S SINGLES Winner: J Skingsley
Runner-up: S Salmon
LADIES’ SINGLES Winner: B Middleton
Runner-up: M Kitchener
NOVICES Winner: A Byram
Runner-up: I Humphry
SETS Winner: R Murden
Runner-up: M Thrush
2-WOOD Winner: J Skingsley
Runner-up: A Byram

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