Previous Winners

Winners 2016

Mens: John Skingsley
Ladies: Pamela Westrope
Novices: Mick Thrush
Sets: John Atkinson
2Wood: John Atkinson
Pairs: Peggy Atkins/John Skingsley
Triples: Roy Murden/Gordon Davis/Dee Davidson
Brian Martin Memorial Triples: Roy Murden, Dee Davidson, Gordon Davis

Winners 2015

Mens: John Skingsley
Ladies: Maureen Kitchener
Novices: Dorothy Hill
Sets: John Skingsley
2Wood: John Atkinson
Pairs: Jean Avis & John Skingsley
Triples: Sam Salmon, David Gough & Mark Oddy

Fixtures 2018

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Competitons 2018

Last Year's Winners

TRIPLES Winners: J Skingsley, K Savill, B Middleton
Runners-up: J Atkinson, D Mann, P Hemming
PAIRS Winners: J Atkinson & J Avis
Runners-up: J Skingsley & P Hemming
MEN’S SINGLES Winner: J Skingsley
Runner-up: S Salmon
LADIES’ SINGLES Winner: B Middleton
Runner-up: M Kitchener
NOVICES Winner: A Byram
Runner-up: I Humphry
SETS Winner: R Murden
Runner-up: M Thrush
2-WOOD Winner: J Skingsley
Runner-up: A Byram

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