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Willian Bowls Clubs run a number of competitions throughout the season which are open to members of the Bowls Club. Each round is played on an ad-hoc basis arranged by the participants with the final being played on Club Finals Day. All matches will be played to normal EBA rules.

Men’s Singles Championship

This is open to all men members of the Club, is played with 4 bowls and the winner is the first to reach 21 shots.

Ladies’ Rose Bowl Championship

This is open to all lady members of the Club, is played with 4 bowls and is the first to reach 21 shots.

Novice’s Championship

This is open to all members of the Club who have not previously won any of the singles competitions. Again it is played with 4 bowls and the winner is the first to reach 21 shots.


This competition is open to all members of the Club; it is played with 2 woods over 21 ends. If there is a tie after 21 ends then a deciding end will be played.

2-Sets Singles

Open to all members of the Club, the competition is played with 4 bowls over 2 sets, each of 9 ends. The result at the end of each set ie win or draw stands. If after 2 sets there is a tie then a tie break of 3 ends will be played but only the ends will count.

Pairs Championship

Open to all members of the Club. Played with 4 woods each over 21 ends. If there is a tie then a deciding end will be played. All players participating will be seeded by the Committee and the pairings then drawn at random.

Brian Martin Memorial Triples Competition

In addition to the above competitions we also hold the Brian Martin memorial Triples Competition. This is played over a single day, usually in August and is open to all Club members. Again the committee will seed all players participating and then the triples teams will be drawn at random.

Match Procedure

The draw for each of the competitions other than the Triples will be made by the Committee and then displayed on the notice board and the web-site with a completion date set against each round.

  • The top name(s) in the draw is the “Challenger(s)” and the bottom name(s) is(are) the“Opponent(s)”.
  • It is the responsibility of the Challenger(s) to book and offer 3 dates and times to the Opponent(s); these dates are to be over not less than a 2-week period and can be at any time the green is open and rinks are free but before the round completion date.
  • It is the responsibility of the Opponent(s) to let the Challenger(s) know when they are away on holiday or for any other reason and the Challenger should then take this into account when offering dates.
  • In the event that the match is not played on time then the Competitions Secretary will decide the way forward which may involve disqualification of either or both players involved.
  • For singles matches, it is the responsibility of the players concerned to arrange a marker.


All disputes that cannot be resolved between the players concerned shall be referred to the Competitions Secretary, whose decision will be final.

Fixtures 2019

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Competitions 2019

Last Year's Winners

Triples Winners: Sam Salmon, Barbara Middleton & Maureen Kitchener Runners-up: Mick Thrush, Ken Savill & John Packham
Men's Championship Winner: John Skingsley  Runner-up: Mick Thrush
Ladies' Rose Bowl Winner: Lesley Jones  Runner-up: Jean Avis
Sets winner: John Skingsley Runner-up: Sam Salmon
2-Wood winner: John Skingsley Runner-up: John Atkinson
Novices: winner: Lesley Jones Runner-up: David Mann
Pairs: Winners: Roy Murden & David Mann Runners-up: Sam Salmon & Ken Savill

For last year's winners and other years please see Previous Winners